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AppleScript and FaceSpan:

AppleScript, from Apple Computer, Inc., is a scripting language for the Macintosh.
Current version is 1.1.
FaceSpan, from Digital Technology International, is an interface/application generator for AppleScript. It enables you to build standalone Macintosh applications with custom windows and menus, using AppleScript as its programming language. Way cool!
Script Debugger, from Mark Alldritt , is an AppleScript development environment. Scripts can be longer than 32K, because WASTE (see below) is used as the text editing engine. SD is also user-extensible. Mark is the author of the Script Tools 1.3.5 osaxen package (1.4 ships with SD) and the MacPPP Control 1.4 osax.

C and Pascal:

CodeWarrior Gold, from Metrowerks Inc., is an integrated development environment containing C, C++, and Pascal compilers for both Macintosh (68K) and Power Macintosh (PowerPC). Now how much would you pay? Sorry, no Ginsu knives! (well, actually...)
Think Pascal, from Symantec Corporation, is a very nice development system for the Macintosh. A number of cool programs have been written in it, such as WASTE, a >32K styled text editing engine by Marco Piovanelli [mailto][ftp_dir], styled text editors which use that engine (Style 1.4.3 by the same author, and Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.5 by Tom Bender [mailto]), and others.
Current version is 4.0 (though I only used 2.0 and 3.0 before switching to CW).
Addendum:Tex-Edit Plus 1.5 and later are now developed in CW, as Think Pascal appears to no longer be supported by Symantec.


ProTERM Mac, from InTrec Software, Inc., is a telecommunications program with a powerful macro language, built-in text editor (handles large files), multiple session support, Telnet via TCP/IP, ADSP, PC-ANSI, redefinable shortcut keys, and top-notch support.


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