Word 6.0 Books

Microsoft Press

Microsoft Word Developer's Kit, Second Edition
(No Listed Author)
ISBN: 1-55615-681-2
SRP: $39.95
If you want to customize Microsoft Word 6.0 to work the way you do, create macros that streamline routine tasks, or build cross-application solutions, the MICROSOFT WORD DEVELOPERS'S KIT is your one-stop solution for the technical information and tools you need.
Comes with two disks: One for Word/Mac, one for Word/Windows and Word/Windows NT

Henry Holt/MIS:Press

Teach Yourself Word 6.0 for the Mac
by Stephen Kahn
ISBN: 1-55828-371-4
SRP: $24.95
The book is written in a tutorial fashion, with exercises for most of the topics. The book contains a disk with the exercises so you don't have to do a lot of typing. It's intended for beginning to intermediate users. There's an abundance of screen shots as well.

My publisher has also published a book intended for intermediate to advanced users, which provides a nice complement to my book. This book is:

Word 6.0: A Practical Approach
by Kate Edson
ISBN: 1-55828-373-0
SRP: $29.95
Kate is a software support engineer for Microsoft.

Macmillan Publishing USA

Title: Using Word 6 for Macintosh, Special Edition
Imprint: QUE
Author: Ron Person, et al.
ISBN: 1-56529-647-8
Publication Date: Aug-94
Retail Price: $29.99

From creating letters to linking data, this comprehensive tutorial and reference helps readers master the most popular word processor for the Mac!

Covers Version 6 for Macintosh
1,054 pp.

Title: Word 6 Starter Kit for Macintosh
Imprint: HAYDEN
Author: Tonya Engst
ISBN: 1-56830-035-2
Publication Date: Sep-94
Retail Price: $25

"Written by an experienced technical support specialist for Microsoft Word, this starter kit contains everything users need to be productive. This book covers all the latest features of Word, focusing on the advice and solutions for which people are looking"

Tonya reviewed Word 6.0 in TidBITS#239. Ordering info is in TidBITS#246.

Covers Version 6 for Macintosh
325 pp.


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