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     E7sus4+9   Am9
While eating a gourd

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I have just written a program named "Web-a-Chord" -- this is a graphical chord editor and HTML generator which will create rows of guitar chords like the chord shown above. If you nest the chord-table within another table, such as for side-by-side placement with lyrics (as I have done here), then I recommend limiting to only 2 or 3 chords per row; however, for song intros and similar non-lyric sections, you can probably fit 4-6 chords across. Please keep in mind that default window widths in some popular browsers have an imaging area around 472 pixels wide, so I would recommend testing your page with each line you generate (before closing the main Web-a-Chord document window) to make sure the chords will fit.

Web-a-Chord requires MacOS and AppleScript 1.1, and is my first shareware!

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(wik, November 6, 1996)