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The Pages

I originally created these pages using HTML Pro, when I was new to HTML. All subsequent editing I now geekily do using only Tex-Edit Plus, using Netscape for preview. I make extensive use of the drag-and-drop capabilities of Tex-Edit Plus for this!

The Graphics

This is the résumé background. I created it in ResEdit 2.1.3 as a 32x32 ppat, copied it into Color It! 2.3.3 to save as different-sized TIFFs, then used GIFConverter 2.3.7 to resave in GIF format. Netscape appears to draw large background gifs faster than small ones (!), so I switched from using the original 32x32 version to a 128x256 version.

I drew these images in Color It! and/or ResEdit, converting to GIF with clip2gif. They are 11 pixels high, to fit inline with Times 12. The lettering of the "under construction" sign is hand-drawn, and therefore antialiased by hand as well. :-)

The navigation buttons are based on the buttons in Apple's AudioCD player software.
I made them with a Golden Section aspect ratio (1.618).

Business card: I generated this in FoxPro 2.5 (for Macintosh), captured the screen using Flash-It 3.0.2, and pasted into Color It! for touch-ups. To make the rest of the title graphics (3.5x2") I used Flash-It to capture the borders of a modal dialog box, assembled them in Color It!, and used antialiased Caslon OpenFace for the text. For those containing icons, I simply used Flash-It to copy the icons from a Finder window and pasted them into Color It!.

The category button backgrounds are based on the Apple Guide texture. I assembled these images in Color It! 3.0, drawing the lighting effects by hand. The aspect ratio is 2x the Golden Section, and the size is chosen so that the default window size of Netscape and Mosaic will make an even 3 buttons per row. The font is Helvetica Condensed Bold 24.

By the way: My eyes are blue, my hair is brown, and this page is orchid!

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